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Saturday, January 13, 2024

ART101_31_Art History I_2023_24_TERM4, Unit 1 DB: The Changing Definition of Art

  1. ART101_31_Art History I_2023_24_TERM4
  2. Unit 1 DB: The Changing Definition of Art


Jackie Phillips 

Forum: Unit 1 DB: The Changing Definition of Art

Can you elaborate to expand your response to include specific information that you found in this week's readings about prehistoric Europe, Ancient Mesopotamia, and Persia?

What I really enjoyed about the artwork is how much they included animals in the artwork, almost as equals in their daily life. They weren't just hunting and killing them and seeing them as food. They were escalating them to beings to be respected and accepted as a necessary part of life. Animals were needed as part of life for far beyond just killing them for food. They were part of statutes and at doors and gates and made obvious. I also liked that there were bodies of both humans and animal combined, which shows how much they felt that animals were such a high part of their being that they wanted to be part human and part animal. I feel like that a lot when seeing an animal. I would love to be part dog and part human sometimes since I have such a high respect for dogs and all they offer as social beings. Animals are shown as friends and companions, which is what they should be. They shouldn't be hunted for food and then thrown to the side as trash. 

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