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Monday, April 10, 2023

The Social Pet Business Presentation in PowerPoint

The Social Pet Business Presentation 

Friday, March 24, 2023

I had a wonderful experience today March 19 2023

 I had a wonderful experience today while riding a bus in San Francisco. 

When this young woman came onto the bus with her baby stroller it was pouring rain, about 8 am, and the stroller was covered in plastic for the rain. She parked the stroller in a seat facing me and pulled out her phone and started texting.

From inside the covered stroller I heard, "Mommy, I want to come out." She quickly pulled off the plastic and out quickly crawled her daughter who appeared to be about 2 years. Despite it being overcast and raining, the child was wearing big sunglasses. She was sitting closely in mom's lap. 

For the next 15 to 20 minutes the bus got more packed and crowded. Another woman sat next to me and we both heard the little girl say loudly to her mom, "Mommy, your hot breath in my face is bothering me!" We both laughed and so did the mom. She shifted the girl so she was facing the other way. The girl continuously chatted to mom about various things including what doctors do and say. 

She also said, "Mommy why were those ladies laughing at me?" 

Mom said, "They weren't laughing at you. They thought what you said about my breath was funny." 

The girl said, "I didn't mean it to be funny." 

Slowly the bus emptied and we were near the end of the bus line. The girl was able to sit next to mom in her own chair with her sunglasses still on. Then she lowered her head as she looked down and I was able to see her eyes, and lack of all vision. This little girl was totally blind!! 

I tried to figure out how to make contact with her without scaring her. I asked her mom, "Would she mind if I asked her name?" 

She giggled and said, "She would love it." 

I asked her, "What is your name?" 

Her mom extended her daughter's hand out and I did the same, touching her hand. 

I said, "I am here in front of you." 

She waited a second and exclaimed, "My name is Victoria!" 

I asked, "Do you get called Vickie sometimes?" 

Her mom said, "Some people call her Vickie." 

I said to Victoria, " My name is Jackie. How are you today?" 

"Good," she said shyly with a giggle.

In one minute we both reached our stop and we all got out. Victoria was happy to be free of the confines of the bus and mom was taking her hand and crossing the street!!

Monday, August 22, 2022

Prejudice, Bigotry and Hatred: Everyone Experiences It

People, here it is in a big nutshell. Like it or not.

Life isn't perfect. Everyone, and I mean everyone, experiences prejudice, hatred and bigotry, in one form or another in their lifetime. In addition, they know someone who also has. Everyone is guilty of treating another person differently for one reason or another for a long list of things:

* Birthplace, language and accent;
* Citizenship status
* Color of skin, hair and eyes; 
* Body shape and size; 
* Gender, age and sexual preferences; 
* Dress, hair styles and choice of tattoos; 
* Choice of religious beliefs;  
* Choice of career in a field dominated by one sex
* Disability, both physical and mental 
etc, etc. 

No one is free from giving or receiving prejudice. No one. 

Everyone will experience it. In my 56 years I have been victim to many of those. 

Add in my breed choices of pit bulls, there is a whole new bowl of wax.