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Monday, August 22, 2022

Prejudice, Bigotry and Hatred: Everyone Experiences It

People, here it is in a big nutshell. Like it or not.

Life isn't perfect. Everyone, and I mean everyone, experiences prejudice, hatred and bigotry, in one form or another in their lifetime. In addition, they know someone who also has. Everyone is guilty of treating another person differently for one reason or another for a long list of things:

* Birthplace, language and accent;
* Citizenship status
* Color of skin, hair and eyes; 
* Body shape and size; 
* Gender, age and sexual preferences; 
* Dress, hair styles and choice of tattoos; 
* Choice of religious beliefs;  
* Choice of career in a field dominated by one sex
* Disability, both physical and mental 
etc, etc. 

No one is free from giving or receiving prejudice. No one. 

Everyone will experience it. In my 56 years I have been victim to many of those. 

Add in my breed choices of pit bulls, there is a whole new bowl of wax.

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