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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Presa de Muerte:" - Second Book in Trilogy Begins!

The Will Austin Adventure Series
Book Two: Presa de Muerte

Boston 1888. Sheriff Will Austin, now retired, finds himself back home. 

In his long absence, Will discovers that key family members, including his Aunt Hannah, have passed away while he was in Texas and Mexico. The family’s longtime general store is at risk of being sold because the younger family members have started to move away to attend school and find jobs in other cities, leaving Will to determine the future of the family in their native city. 

Will also begins work with a doctor in New York City who is a pioneer in the Movement-Cure field, and helps Will to regain some use of his limp right arm and restore him back to health. 

Elizabeth remains at Roma Arroyo, tending to all the duties of being the head of a large, expansive ranch and guest house. Their reputation of breeding and raising strong and fast horses spreads far and wide as Pilar becomes an accomplished rider, trainer and breeder, entering their horses and winning in numerous races in Northern Mexico, Southern Texas, New Orleans and eventually to the first ever established racetrack in Mexico in Tijuana!

While back in Mexico, Will accidentally stumbles upon the mystery of an unsolved mass murder of a local farming family, with only a sole survivor, the son who has not spoken for over twenty years!

Through the word of a guest, Elizabeth learns of the building of a massive dam downstream, close to the Mexican border, on the San Gabriel River, which runs through her ranch. The water that accumulates behind it would flood the entire property, over 500 acres, which has been in her husband’s family for several generations! 

Where will they run to as the water quickly covers their land and buildings and everything they know in its destructive and deadly path?